Haha, I wonder if any of you guys have heard of Bob Ong.
He's my favorite Filipino author and one of my top favorite authors ever.

ABNKKBSNPlAko?! and Stainless Longganisa, some of Bob Ong's books.

My adviser lent me his latest book today, MACARTHUR. It's pretty good.
Go buy ABNKKBSNPlAko?! and Stainless Longganisa.
ABNKKBSNPlAko?!'s good for your graduating friends and stuff, and it's only P150. :D
[Last time I saw anyway, which was around a year ago. I'm not sure how high the government made the taxes and stuff go this time.]

And Magandang Umaga Pilipinas started their Christmas countdown today.
There was this Santa Claus dude in front of this choir and stuff.

One of the reasons why I decided to wear a red jacket today, which made me

When kids *err... people,* hear "Christmas," why does Santa Claus almost always come to mind?
Why isn't it Jesus?
I mean He's right there. Christmas.
Because He's the reason we have the whole thing.
Santa Claus is the spirit of giving.
So... Yeah.
Personally, I find most seasonal holidays commercialized.
Christmas sales, Valentine's Day chocolate sales...
[Not that I'm complaining about the chocolates, but the cards. It's practically manufactured by Hallmark nowadays.]
It's like no one bothers to see why we have Christmas anymore.
It's more of having these parties, than actually considering for a moment that we're celebrating Jesus being born.

Oh yeah, this made me think. Just some food for the thought. :]
Wish me luck for the upcoming trimestral exams.
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Haha. For some reason, I am glad to be a human who exists without a MySpace. >:]

I'm not with any of my really good friends this year in my class. :[
They're all in other classes.
Except for Ina. :]]
But yeah. :|
Our class is too quiet.
It's really boring sometimes. xD
I'm like the noisiest person there. >.>
Oh well.
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Well they're never gonna get me...

...They didn't. Haha.
I mock you men in white suits.

Anyway, my family suddenly decided to sleep in a hotel, so yeah, I had to sleep in a hotel last night.
I forgot my book. D=
I was reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Losing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets delayed my rereading a bit. xD
So we went out to buy another book after dinner.
I got Peter and the Starcatchers.
I love the illustrations, I'm trying to learn the style of Greg Call.
Yeah, he's the illustrator.

Haha... Heard Jordin won American Idol.
Lots of people were mad over that one.
Lots of people my age, that is, anyway. xD
Younger people loved Blake,
Older people loved Jordin.
I figured Jordin would win.
Lots of old people watch AI.
They have the time...
...And the money. Haha. xD
Anyhoo, look at what Blake was wearing!

Strikingly familiar, isn't it?
Haha. xD
Blake's in The Black Parade!

I heard Green Day played on AI too.
Wish I watched. D=
A Working Class Hero is something to be...

And the men in white suits didn't get me, obviously.
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(no subject)

I'm bored.

"Why pay a dollar for a bookmark?
Why not use the dollar for a bookmark?"
-Steven Spielberg
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Hmm... Well we went shopping for school yesterday.
I didn't get anything.
My feet were either one size too big or one size too small for anything.
Especially these sandals.
They where white with black crossbones on 'em.
I wanted those... But they only had a size bigger than me. Grr.
And why yes, I am deathly bored.
Saturday and I'm doing nothing.
I wish I was at Timezone or something.

This pic's pretty, isn't it?
Hmm... Yeah.
Haha... This girl on the smiley looks remarkably like me... xD

A penny for your thoughts and a dollar for your insights,
And a quarter for your disaster,
And I'm just a painter and I'm drawing a blank.
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Just started, fresh blood here, a.k.a. n00b.
*Pokes n00b*
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